Further Reading

In addition to academic papers such as [82], some of the most useful coverage for IMU calibration appears in corporate white papers, such as [244]. For magnetometer calibration, see [92,155,165,329]. Oculus Rift 3D orientation tracking is covered in [166,164,165,168]. To fully understand vision-based tracking methods, see vision books [111,191,318]. Many approaches to PnP apear in research literature, such as [354,367]. An excellent, but older, survey of tracking methods for VR/AR is [344]. One of the most highly cited works is [141]. See [235] for integration of IMU and visual data for tracking.

Eye tracking is surveyed in [63,338]. Human body tracking is covered in [368]. To fully understand kinematic constraints and solutions to inverse kiematics problems, see [8,10,48]. SLAM from a robotics perspective is thoroughly presented in [322]. A recent survey of SLAM based on computer vision appears in [86]. Filtering or sensor fusion in the larger context can be characterized in terms of information spaces (see Chapter 11 of [163]).

Steven M LaValle 2016-12-31