Further Reading

For surveys on perceptual learning, see [94,98,109,253]. Hyperacuity through perceptual learning is investigated in [101,253]. In [283] it is established that perceptual learning can occur without even focused attention.

Human sensitivity to latency in VR and computer interfaces is analyzed in [62,67,200,357]. Comfort issues in stereo displays is studied in [289]. For connections between postural sway and sickness, see [294,313].

For some important studies related to VR sickness, see [13,146,147,153,223,263]. General overviews of VR sickness are given in [143,169,305]. Motion sickness is surveyed in [262]. See [120,138,55,255] for additional coverage of forced fusion.

For coverage of the mathematical methods and statistics for human subjects experimentation, see [152]. The book [195] is highly popular for its coverage of hypothesis testing in the context of psychology. For treatment of psychophysical methods, see [176,324,349] and Chapter 3 of [93].

Steven M LaValle 2016-12-31